Operation Scribe to investigate former Hants Chief Constable for Criminal Offences – what is the implication of this for others in Hampshire?

Former Hampshire Police Chief Constable Andy Marsh, now Chief Constable of Avon & Somerset

Last month the IPCC upheld an appeal into a complaint against former Chief Constable for Hampshire Constabulary, Andy Marsh. Andy Marsh is now the Chief Constable of Avon & Somerset Constabulary.

I understand from a Westminster contact, linked to the police investigation, that contrary to the claim by the Avon & Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner, the complaint was not suitable for local resolution. This was because the complaint was so serious, it could constitute criminal behaviour by the Chief Constable.

The IPCC instructed the PCC to record the complaint and ensure that a local investigation be carried out into the complaint by a separate police force. Put simply, the PCC for Avon & Somerset, Sue Mountstevens, was required to appoint a police officer to investigate the complaint, who was not under the direction or control of Chief Constable Andy Marsh.

I can reveal that the investigation into Andy Marsh is to be conducted by Essex Police and is called Operation Scribe.

Stanbridge Earls School the site of child abuse allegation

I have also had sight of an outline of the complaint and it includes the allegation that Chief Constable Andy Marsh set up Operation Flamborough to protect Hampshire Constabulary’s reputation along with other safeguarding agencies involved with Stanbridge Earls School and ‘the people of Romsey’. It is unclear why this highly irregular and unusual request was specified but may relate to the MP for Romsey and Southampton North, Caroline Nokes.

That Hampshire Police force allegedly used taxpayer’s money to protect its reputation rather than investigate allegations of rape is a matter of deep concern and public interest.

Caroline Nokes MP shared confidential information with Andy Marsh without consent of victims

It has been confirmed that Hampshire Constabulary shared highly sensitive and confidential information about victims and alleged abusers, with Caroline Nokes MP, without the consent of the victims.

It also appears Operation Oregon, or the IPCC, did not have sight of the confirmed terms of reference for Operation Flamborough,

This is a staggering allegation.

That the Chief Constable for Hampshire Police deliberately misled the investigating police force by providing a false and misleading terms of reference, suggests that the findings of Operation Oregon are now legally unsafe.

If it is proven that Essex Police were misled over the Operation Flamborough terms of reference, then it follows that Andy Marsh must have been fully aware that Operation Oregon’s findings were manifestly untrue.

Post Hillsborough, when the public have lost so much faith in the police, this is a troubling revelation. For those of us who have been on the receiving end of Hampshire Constabulary’s political policing however, these revelations simply confirm long-held suspicions about endemic corrupt practices at Hants Police and their links to senior political figures in Hampshire.

Simon Hayes - Former Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Was former Hampshire PCC Simon Hayes aware that his Chief Constable was misleading both the press and public along with another police force? Representatives of Simon Hayes sat on the Operation Flamborough Gold Team and Hayes publicly attacked those who dared to question the actions of Hampshire Constabulary in relation to Stanbridge Earls School. He may have lost his job earlier this year, but he is not immune from questioning or prosecution.

Likewise, Caroline Nokes MP. She held private briefings with Andy Marsh over Stanbridge Earls School and was tipped off by Hampshire Constabulary in order to brief the press against those campaigners trying to get to the truth.

Ms Nokes, whose role is at the epicentre of this scandal must also face a full investigation. Was the MP aware that Andy Marsh was misleading the public, press and Essex Police

Cllr Roy Perry, Leader of Hampshire County Council

Her father and leader of Hampshire County Council, Cllr Roy Perry, had officers sitting on the Gold Group along with the DfE, including notorious Hampshire Chief Exec (and former head of Children’s Services at the time of the child sex abuse scandal at Stanbridge Earls) John Coughlan.

These individuals must have been complicit in misleading Essex Police in an attempt to protect the reputation of both the police and Hampshire County Council.

The revelations also support long held allegations of an establishment cover-up at Stanbridge Earls school.

After the findings of Operation Oregon were published, Andy Marsh issued a press release criticising families of sex abuse victims for making a complaint against him. If he had willfully misled Operation Oregon, then this statement attacking those parents was not only a lie, but is morally reprehensible.

Such is the seriousness of the complaints against Andy Marsh, I understand from my Westminster source that Essex Police have been instructed to identify whether Andy Marsh has committed a criminal offence, and if so, they are to inform the Crown Prosecution Service immediately.

Ian Liddell-Grainger MP

It is astonishing given these revelations, that the Avon & Somerset PCC, Sue Mountstevens has not suspended her newly appointed Chief Constable, pending the outcome of what is now thought to become a criminal investigation. This call was made by Ian Liddell-Grainger MP in Parliament last week.

Perhaps Ms Mountstevens realises her own position is now untenable, having lost five Chief Constables during her tenure. It’s clear she appointed Andy Marsh without conducting any basic due diligence and disregarding entirely the fact his wife is the Assistant Chief Constable.

Despite the best endeavours of the ruling elite to cover up this nasty child abuse scandal, the tenacity of the victims and campaigners will ensure that those responsible will face justice, either now, or in the future.

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Ian Liddell-Grainger MP turns up the heat on Stanbridge Earls School “Cover-Up Team”

Ian Liddell-Grainger MP

Ian Liddell-Grainger MP, the Conservative MP for Bridgwater and West Somerset, calls for former Hampshire Chief Constable Andy Marsh to be suspended pending the investigation into his actions surrounding Operation Flamborough.

Ian Liddell-Grainger MP also lifts the lid on the truth about the Child Abuse Scandal at Stanbridge Earls School.

This 30 minute public thrashing of Chief Constable Andy Marsh and Avon & Somerset PCC Mrs Susan Mountstevens is long overdue and must make uncomfortable listening for his Tory colleague Romsey MP Caroline Nokes who, along with Andy Marsh, Simon Hayes and others who hold senior posts at Hampshire County Council, silenced investigations and influenced Operation Flamborough.

Click on the link below to listen to Ian Liddell-Grainger MP, start listening at 11.00am


You can also read Ian Liddell-Grainger’s blog about Chief Constable Andy Marsh


Former Hampshire Police Chief Constable Andy Marsh, now Chief Constable of Avon & Somerset

It looks like the truth about Stanbridge Earls School is getting closer to coming out, until then it is going to follow certain people around like a bad smell.

They should have dealt with it properly at the time rather than try and cover it up.

I have long believed that the reason for the extensive cover-up over the Stanbridge Earls School child abuse scandal was because a full investigation was going to reveal things about certain people in Romsey that would have ended high profile careers.

Caroline Nokes, the MP for Romsey & Southampton North

Politicians, police officers, teachers and local government employees took the decision to save their own skins and careers rather than get justice for the victims, victims that go back 30 years and more.

Operation Flamborough was about protecting those individuals personal and professional reputations, not about justice.

As Ian Liddell-Grainger MP is now finding out, if you challenge these people and try and expose the truth they will attack you and try and ruin your career instead in the name of injustice.

UPDATE: 28th June 2016 Bristol Post – PCC Sue Mountstevens branded ‘pasty queen’ by angry MP over ‘dismal’ handling of Nick Gargan http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/tory-mp-attacks-avon-somerset-police-boss-over-handling-of-chief-constable-resignation/story-29453074-detail/story.html

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Karma Cameron

David Cameron Resigns

David Cameron resigns following his defeat in the EU Referendum Vote following a victory for the “Leave” Campaign.

This resignation is long over due from a man who has lied throughout his prime ministerial career, was re-elected despite broken election promises and having run a party of thuggish, cheating, bent MP’s who have no respect for the people they claim to represent.

Cameron’s legacy will be the EU vote failure because he has done nothing of value throughout his power-point political career.

Karma has delivered.

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Justice4Sam – Sam Harry killed while in the care of his mother and her boyfriend

Sam Harry

F4J announced on Father’s Day that it was backing dad Nicholas Harry in his campaign to secure justice for his son Sam, who was killed with the force of a 60mph car crash – just 18-months old – by his mum Deanna Buffham, and her boyfriend, Ryan Bate.

The pair blamed each of other for the child’s death, and though both were arrested, the Crown Prosecution Service concluded there was insufficient evidence to bring charges.

Since then, Nicholas has fought to bring his son’s killers to justice, “Sam’s death was avoidable, but the system that I was brought up to respect has failed Sam and ruined the lives of my family.

Sam Harry in Hospital following his Fatal Attack

I was ignorant of family law, I had heard about the bias towards mothers, but Sam’s mum was an alcohol dependent abuser, how could she be seen as a better parent? I couldn’t believe it when I had to spend £14,000 on solicitors and court fees fighting to see him despite this.”

“I spent every waking hour providing statements and evidence, determined to provide my son with the best life available to him. Instead of being seen as a loving dad, I was judged to be controlling simply for explaining the risks my son faced.”

“Months after the judge had awarded residence to her, Sam was killed in the care of his mother. I had been honest and abided by every rule to ensure the safety of my son, but in reality the only thing I could have done to save Sam’s life is to have broken the law and absconded with him. I have lost complete faith in the judicial system that we trust to protect us, to protect our children.”

Fathers4Justice founder Matt O’Connor has said the group will put their support behind the Justice4Sam campaign with a new ad for Father’s Day and campaign logo in addition to legal advice. The group’s lawyers are advising Mr Harry on an unlawful death suit under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 and the possibility of a negligence claim against the Children and Family Court Advisory Service (CAFCASS), which was involved in family court proceedings shortly after Samuel’s birth.

Please sign the Justice4Sam petition here: https://www.change.org/p/justice-for-sam

Said Matt O’Connor, “Countless children have been murdered by their mums and their new partners, but like many fathers in these cases, Sam’s dad, Nicholas, was given limited access to his son by the family courts and could do little to protect him. With 4 million children living in fatherless homes, how many more kids have to die before dads are given equal access?”


Justice4Sam Advert

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10 years on: How Fathers4Justice almost wrecked the National Lottery

Telegraph Article 20th May 2016 - National Lottery Demonstration 10 Years On

10 years on from my National Lottery Protest!
The Telegraph have very kindly done an article on it and I was forced to squeeze myself back into the original t-shirt for the photo shoot!

By Guy Kelly

Not a lot tends to happen on the National Lottery results show. For good reason, too: millions of viewers may be watching itchily, but they’re eager for money, not chit-chat; they’re thirsty for balls, not banter. As a result, the programme is normally a series of platitudes before the main event. Some customary back and forth between presenters, then on to making a cheerful couple from Billericay multi-millionaires – and all before Casualty.

Week in, week out. It’s a bulletproof formula.

Exactly ten years ago today, however, just as Eamonn Holmes and co-presenter Sarah Cawood settled in to follow that plan on the National Lottery Jetset, five men and one woman from Fathers4Justice, the paternal rights group, decided to disrupt things in the most eye-catching way possible. The bubble burst. Chaos reigned, briefly. And it was spectacular.

Let us recap.

We all remember it. Like hearing of Princess Diana’s death or watching the moon landings, everybody can recall where they were and what they were doing when Eamonn Holmes used Sarah Cawood as a human shield live on BBC One. The sofa, probably, watching the lottery.

A decade on, you’d be right to ask the question: what on earth happened there?

The Planning
“We’d been thinking about it for a while, and about a month earlier sent in a couple of people to recce it,” remembers Matt O’Connor, the founder of Fathers4Justice, who masterminded the stunt from a nearby hotel since he was under police surveillance at the time. Instead, six other active members of his group took on the challenge.

“We knew the layout of the studio, the format and how the studio ran, so could choose an optimum moment to stage a protest,” O’Connor, now 49, says. “Earlier we’d done the purple powder agitprop stunt with Tony Blair [in 2004, when protesters from the group threw flour bombs at the then Prime Minister in parliament], but wanted to do something on live TV, and the lottery happened in front of 11 million people.

“Our basic principle is raising awareness of an important issue, and we were always looking at different PR techniques. We revel in the absurdity of what we’re doing as family law is such a troubling issue.”

With O’Connor holed up in wait, the chosen half dozen met in central London that Saturday morning, 20th May 2006, before making their way to BBC studio, breezing through near non-existent security and taking separate seats dotted around the audience. Then, as the show started, all they had to do was wait for an opportune moment.

It came just before the balls were due to be released.

The Execution
“Sarah, what’s happening?” Eamonn Holmes asked in the show, with as much sincerity as Eamonn Holmes could muster.

“Well, fantastic news, Eamonn. To–”

And there the disruption began. In the clip Cawood is seen pausing, her eyes flitting away from the autocue for a moment as shouting comes from behind the camera and bodies cross the screen. With quite superhuman professionalism, she powered on.

“Tonight we are having a super draw with a guaranteed jackpot of £15m [more shouting]… please excuse us, we are having a bit of a–”

Then for the best bit. As the melee escalates, with protesters smashing here and there and yelling inaudibly, Eamonn Holmes scampers behind Cawood to cower auspiciously. Watch closely and for a split second you’ll see Holmes’s petrified eyes meet the screen. He looks like a kid caught in a bar fight.

(Meanwhile, the ‘Voice of the Balls’ announcer Alan Dedicoat showed precisely how he gained that nickname, intoning menacingly that there was “a gentlemen who’s going to disappear rather quickly.”)

Eamonn Holmes declined to share his memories for this article, possible due to a busy work schedule. Or perhaps he just doesn’t remember it. Either way, Cawood does.

“Every time I see Eamonn I remind him of that and we laugh,” Cawood says, looking back on what she says is a standout moment in her presenting career. “I wanted to carry on – it was Eurovision night, so the draw had to be done on time or we’d delay the whole of Europe – and I was furious. Terrified and confused by what was going on, like everyone, but also angry. Hell hath no fury like TV talent denied their limelight, I tell you. I remember thinking, ‘Do not swear. Do not swear.’ Then this woman just launched herself at me. There were flares going off, it could have been anything.”

Nadine O'Connor sporting the original protest t-shirt from 2006

The woman in question was Nadine O’Connor, Matt O’Connor’s wife. Nobody quite expected a female Fathers4Justice protester, so her path to the set was easy.

“I remember at the time being incredibly calm,” says Nadine, now 44. “We were sat on very tiered seating and came from different directions. I was the last to go, and because I had the white T-shirt on I think a lot of people thought I was staff. I just walked through everybody and onto the stage as the kerfuffle happened. People were rolling around in front of me. Sarah Cawood was giving me short shrift, but Eamonn Holmes was lovely. He left very swiftly.”

Unbeknownst to most watching (including the protesters), the biggest concern was the lottery machine itself. If anybody other than the machine’s 24-hour security guards ever touch it, that week’s draw is assumed to have been tampered with and thus declared void, disappointing millions of ticket buyers. Naturally, then, the careering group of placard-waving, enraged activists hurtling towards them soon felt the full force of Camelot’s finest knights.

“The guys standing next to the machine were ex-SAS, so they took out the guys going for the button,” Cawood recalls. “I tried to style it out, thinking they’d clear them, but we were pretty overrun.”

As Cawood – who says her only other comparable live TV experience was dealing with Mel B saying “w***er” on Live and Kicking in the 90s – stayed, Holmes took leave of the situation.

Nadine, having stood in front of the camera to shout her message, was soon sent in the same direction by Cawood (“Go on, get lost!” we saw her being told).

“Eamonn and I walked out together, straight off the stage and out of the building,” Nadine says. “He was very nice and sympathetic to our cause. I then caught the eye of one of the other Fathers4Justice guys. We just held hands and walked out of the building, jumped on the Underground and off we went. Nobody stopped us. It was quite surreal.”

At that point the live footage cuts to a holding screen, with Dedicoat left to expertly fill the silence for two minutes as bodies were scraped from the floor and order restored.

Holmes and Cawood reappear a short time later, dusting their hands in mock recovery as the audience cheers. “Well, that sorted them out!” Holmes giggles.

No charges were brought against any of the protesters, and all six walked out of the studio with about as much trouble as they had getting in. Rightly, Cawood later won praise for her handling of the situation.

“I received a lovely email from the Director General at the time,” she says. “And I was on the news that night. I got a lot of brownie points, though they did end my contract six months later… Still, I suppose this was a brief moment in my career that will always be there.”

The lottery has never been broadcast in front of a live audience since, switching to a private studio from the next week onwards. BBC security has ramped up, too, making the stunt unlikely to ever be repeated.

“Our job is to get publicity,” says O’Connor, who also runs a ice cream brand with Nadine. “This was just one of a cannon of protests that got attention at the time. Actually my son rang me that weekend and said, ‘Dad, I think there should be more rugby tackling on the lottery. It was a lot more interesting than normal’ – which was true.”

Within a minute of the screen returning to the studio, Eamonn Holmes finally dropped the balls. It didn’t matter, though. Fathers4Justice had made their point, nobody was harmed, and the audience had witnessed possibly the greatest drama in BBC history. That night, ten years ago, we all won the lottery. Sort of.


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Class A Drug Taking, Violence & Contact Denial At Holy Communion – Help Identify This Thug

This is the shocking moment dad Jason Appleyard was attacked at Charlton Rugby Club by the man in the white shirt as he waited to collect his daughter from her Holy Communion party last Saturday night. Jason, who had not been invited to his daughter’s Holy Communion Party, had a court order to pick her up at 6.00pm, waited patiently for several hours after he attempted to collect her at the correct time.

On returning he witnessed the use of Class A drugs by several parents, including the founder of Domestic Violence Charity, Hope Empowered http://hope-empowered.org.uk/. Despite having a copy of the court order, Jason was hounded out of the building by other parents before being attacked and Police being called.

He was reunited with his daughter at around 10.30pm that evening after several Police officers went into the building and brought his daughter out. He was then told to leave the area immediately because of problems inside the building. Fathers4Justice understands at least one parent was handcuffed and several units called to the location.

Fathers4Justice are calling on Greenwich Council to launch an inquiry into Hope Empowered and whether it’s funding should be withdrawn given the allegations of drug taking, it’s involvement in contact denial and subsequent violence which all took place in front of children. The group are also calling on Police to arrest the man in the video for assault and investigate the drug taking on the night and to disclose what safeguarding measures were put in place for the children present.

Full story will be available at www.fathers-4-justice.org later.

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