“Stand By Your Manhood” by Peter Lloyd

How have we become a society that ridicules, apologises for and demonises men? These and discussions on circumcision, penis enlargements and James Blunt are just some of the things Peter Lloyd discusses in his new book “Stand by Your Manhood”.

Putting much more than just his head above the parapet Peter ventures into the socially and politically incorrect world of supporting men and asking for equality. In a world where politicians appoint Equality Ministers who only campaign for equality for women, Peter Lloyd is running the risk of not just the wrath of the Feminist Taliban but that of those men who have clearly lost their b***s along the way.

If you truly believe in equality, whether you are a man or woman, then you believe in equality for all, not at the expense of one gender or the other.

Those people will also be able to understand both sides of the argument and will be able to read this book and then pursue intelligent debate which is the least we can all ask for.

The new bible for men by Peter Lloyd kindly gives me a little mention at around page 172.

“Thankfully, and perhaps most compellingly, one of the people pushing hardest for change is herself a woman – Nadine O’Connor is the campaign director at Fathers 4 Justice. I know what you’re thinking: why on earth would a woman want that gig? After all, no matter how liberated women have become in recent years, the partnership remains an unlikely one.

It turns out she had her own personal experience of what men frequently endure in family law courts. The mother of two went through her own custody battle with her ex-partner, which clocked up twenty-five judges, seventy hearings, fifty-four criminal allegations, forty-five court orders and over £120,000 in legal bills.

‘I went to the first F4J meeting with my dad,’ she says. If they’d been plotting to take power away from mothers then, obviously, I wouldn’t have stayed. But they simply ask to be given the same rights as them. To this day, what most people fail to realise is that the current law can disenfranchise grandparents, stepmothers and siblings too – not just men. I spend much of my working day with women who can’t see loved ones through no fault of their own.”

Stand By Your Manhood: A Game-changer for Modern Men
by Peter Lloyd

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