Romsey MP repeats FALSE allegations about F4J as her vendetta against my family continues

Bite marks sustained during an attack at Matt O’Connor’s house involving Caroline Nokes MP. O’Connor’s family subsequently received hate mail and their car was attacked

Fathers4Justice today condemned serious and defamatory false allegations made by Caroline Nokes MP, and her supporters on-line, in which she claims that a member of the organisation sent her abusive and threatening messages.

The group say that not only is the allegation categorically untrue, but that the smears are part of a vendetta orchestrated by the Hampshire MP, which targeted the 8-yr-old son of the founder of Fathers4Justice, Matt O’Connor.

The family launched a civil action against the MP in the High Court for assault, trespass and harassment in October last year. At the time, Caroline Nokes admitted driving a colleague to Mr O’Connor’s house in February of last year, where a violent incident took place in front of his son and a man was bitten. Ms Nokes was interviewed by Hampshire Police at the time and her colleague arrested. He later received a Police PIN notice for harassment.

There followed a 9-month long campaign of intimidation in which Matt O’Connor’s family received hate mail containing threats concerning his son, their car was attacked and they received death threats. In October last year they were forced to move out of their Hampshire home.

In relation to the allegations made against Fathers4Justice, the group said it is not responsible for the conduct of members of the public anymore than the MP is responsible for the actions of her constituents, and they unreservedly condemn anyone involved in online abuse and says those responsible should be brought to justice to feel the full force of the law.

Fathers4Justice point out that the MPs allegations stem directly from the publicity surrounding the attack at the O’Connor’s home involving her.

The group also say their Facebook terms and conditions are regularly made clear to members of the public who visit the page.

A hearing involving the MP is expected to take place in March in the High Court. The group say the dispute with the MP began when she broke her Shared Parenting election promises to the organisation in 2013.

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One Response to Romsey MP repeats FALSE allegations about F4J as her vendetta against my family continues

  1. Romsey Resident says:

    Good to see unbiased reporting in the Romsey Advertiser on this matter last Friday – Not! Are they not allowed to report what Nokes has really been up to for fear people won’t vote for her? Looks like the instruction is to repeat her lies as facts as it really would be too much for the delicate tory blue rinse brigade to know the truth about her.

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