When one little lie leads to another

Caroline Nokes, Nadine & Matt O'Connor 2010 when apparently we met for the first time!

There is a very old joke – “how do you know when a MP is lying? Their lips are moving”. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

You see one little lie often leads to another and before you know it you have told so many lies you don’t know what the truth is anymore.

In the case of Caroline Nokes MP if she repeats a lie enough the hope is it becomes the truth.

Many supporters in Romsey have asked us to ‘stand’ against her in the next General Election so that the lies being printed about us by the local Tory run newspapers can be addressed. Others have asked us how they can help to get the truth out so that voters have an informed choice.

To be honest a big part of me can’t be bothered, many people in Romsey I believe have the MP they deserve.

But I have a pathological hatred for liars so by assisting those who want to set the record straight on a few of the MP’s lies ahead of the election, I hope some voters will question her and her motives.

So here for starters is a “little Nokes lie”.

In the Independent Newspaper last October, Caroline Nokes MP made the following claim “Ms Nokes first met the O’Connors before coming into office back in 2010”.

A lie so small and insignificant that many readers would have missed it.

2010? I know my memory is not what it was but 2010? Really?

That’s odd because I have known Caroline Nokes and her family for over 30 years having been in the same year at school as her sister between 1982 & 1987.

In 1989 I joined Test Valley Borough Council where Nokes father was a Councillor and I often worked on projects that involved liaising with him as a Cllr.

Steve Brine now the MP for Winchester was also a PPC in November 2007 and joined Nadine O'Connor's campaign to save the Romsey-Winchester Rail Link Bus Service

Then in 2007 I started a campaign to save a local Rail Link Bus route that operated between Romsey & Winchester. I asked Caroline Nokes, who was then a Test Valley Borough Councillor herself, to join my Working Party, much to the disgust of many in the group, but I wanted cross party support. Admittedly that was the first time Matt had ever met her but it was still not 2010!

On November 10th 2007, Caroline Nokes was asked by the Daily Echo to write an “In My View” piece about our campaign (see below) this was after attending public meetings with us, demonstrations in the town and rallying support from other Councillors etc.

Caroline Nokes and her daughter (left) joined Matt & Nadine O'Connor (centre) in Romsey for the start of the Save Our Bus Campaign in October 2007 with Cllr Mark Cooper (right)

Then on Thursday 22nd November 2007, at my invitation, no one else’s, mine, Caroline Nokes came to Westminster with me and the then MP for Romsey Sandra Gidley and stood outside Number 10 with us to hand in a petition to save the bus link.

Then in 2009 we invited her to our wedding!

In October last year, after covering up for 8 months that she had been the driver at the incident at our house, it appears she can’t help but keep lying.

As I say, it’s a little lie, but significant for those in Romsey who are starting to question everything else she has claimed in the last few months.

If she has started to lie about that what else has she lied about and why lie about when you first met someone when there are so many people around, including her fellow Tory MP’s, who can prove this is not true?

What and whose agenda does it suit?

The voters of Romsey need to decide for themselves what is the truth and what is fiction in the world of Caroline Nokes.

Nadine O'Connor and Caroline Nokes attending Downing Street Together in November 2007. Left - Right Nadine O'Connor, Caroline Nokes, 4 other campaigners, Sandra Gidley the Romsey MP at the time, and 2 other campaigners.

30th NOVEMBER 2007

Cross Party backing for bus campaign at No.10

23rd NOVEMBER 2007
Bus Protestors at No. 10

22nd NOVEMBER 2007
Rail link protest goes to London

“In my view
” Rail campaign support is on right track, by Caroline Nokes

It was probably inevitable that any campaign organised by Fathers 4 Justice front man Matt O’Connor would be high profile, but his Save Our Bus campaign about the Romsey to Winchester rail link has also proved to be highly effective.

Last week’s public meeting, on a dark night in November, was packed. As more and more people arrived the tiny chairs for the playgroup had to be put out, and even then large number has to stand for the duration of the meeting.

Although spirits ran high at times, and representatives from South West Trains and Stagecoach drew significant criticism, the outcome was one of co-operation not confrontation, which is why I am optimistic tat the working party that was agreed will move this issue forward.

The concession from SWT to continue to run some of the peak hour rail link buses until next July was an important one, but the message was quite clear: “Use it or lose it.” However listening to the commuters, the college students and the various councillors present there is a determination to find permanent and sustainable solutions.

Winchester has recently been condemned for having the highest carbon footprint per person of any city – to add to that by forcing rail users out of the bus and into their cars would be a nonsense. The rail link bus is a real example of integrated transport, one that is convenient and easy for the user, but one that has definitely been under promoted.

What really struck me was how well some of the Peter Symonds College users knew the timetable, which buses were standing room only, and which were virtually empty. The passenger surveys, which are to be carried out by Hampshire county Council, will provide the evidence needed to support the anecdotal views on usage, but the input from the students to the working group will also be invaluable.

I am sure the campaign will continue to be eye catching, but that the work of the group to solve this problem will be as serious as it is striking.

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5 Responses to When one little lie leads to another

  1. F4J All the Way! says:

    Nokes can’t help lying, she only has to open her mouth and lies come out. Take her lie that,

    “There were several coincidences that raised Ms Nokes’ suspicion of a tracker, she says. One of these was in June when, while visiting a school and deliberately not posting anything on the internet about her whereabouts, Matt O’Connor, protesting outside her office, was heard by her staff saying over a loudhailer: “We know she’s in Eastleigh.”

    I was with Matt and Nadine in Romsey last June when they had stand in the Market Place that day. The reason everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, knew Nokes was at Barton Peveril College in Eastleigh was not because of some tracker this sick fantasist claims was put on her car -but because A MEMBER OF HER OFFICE STAFF TOLD US – ha! ha! Tony Hooke went into the Conservative Club when we all arrived in Romsey asked if she was there, a member of her staff answered and said no she has gone to Barton Peveril College. Job done, no fancy security devices just staff with big mouths. Maybe Nokes should start with “securing” her office before making libellous allegations about other people. Or maybe Nokes staff don’t like her quite as much as she thinks they do!!

    • admin says:

      Yes thank you, I can confirm this is correct, no one put any tracking devices on her car or even enquired about doing so, we were told that she had gone to Eastleigh by one of her own members of staff who was more than happy to talk to us about this and other things she was saying and doing. They told us she had arranged to go to Eastleigh that day so she was not in Romsey because we were there but she had arranged for someone to be in Romsey to monitor what we were doing.

  2. Liarbuster says:

    ” Mr Yalland first met Ms Nokes at the Romsey and Southampton Conservative Association. He invited her as one of three MPs on a controversial trip to Equatorial Guinea in 2011 when he was working for a lobbyist representing a think-tank – Triarus – that was probably a front for the country’s dictatorship. The MPs came back with a critical report about the regime.” from the Independent

    They also came back criticised as being “vacuous, ignorant, ill-bred oiks” acting like a group of “geeky fourth-form schoolchildren” – (ironically also from the Independent) probably. triggered by Mrs Nokes throwing one of her famous foot-stamping tantrums, so familiar to those who have campaigned for her (later to their regret), in the past.

    The date of the visit to Equatorial Guinea pre-dates Yalland’s first appearance at a Romsey & SN Conservative Association AGM where he was “parachuted in” (and subsequently found not to have been a member that night – his membership was “backdated” by Mrs Nokes’ close friend and secretary, Jojo Hatley) specifically to interrupt questioning of Roy Perry who was trying to cover up financial irregularities with the Association accounts.

  3. John Parker says:

    Perhaps she couldn’t make the mental connection as you were trading under the name Nadine Taylor at the time? Mind you it doesn’t take much intelligence to know it’s one and the same person.

  4. Redundant Romsey Voter says:


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