Prime Minister David Cameron apologises to Fathers4Justice founder Matt O’Connor & F4J

In a letter on behalf of Prime Minister David Cameron, from his Political Private Secretary, Mr Cameron wrote to F4J Founder Matt O’Connor to apologise directly for his original remark wrongly accusing Fathers4Justice of damaging his roof and to ensure Mr O’Connor had seen his public apology below.

“During the interview I gave to Sarah Sands last week, I had a conversation about my home in west Oxfordshire; this included me saying that I had believed Fathers 4 Justice had climbed on my roof.

“I am happy to issue a clarification that although some people have protested outside my constituency home and clambered on my constituency office roof, the group Fathers 4 Justice have not, contrary to what I had thought, climbed on my own roof, and I’m sorry for any offence to them that may have been caused by what was a light-hearted remark.”

Said Matt O’Connor, “We thank Mr Cameron for his apology and the matter is now closed. The real harm however isn’t to our reputation, but the damage caused to children and families as a result of the Conservative Party’s broken promises on Shared Parenting. That is something all our supporters deserve an apology for.”

Mr Cameron’s apology can be found online at the following sites:

The Evening Standard

The Daily Telegraph

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One Response to Prime Minister David Cameron apologises to Fathers4Justice founder Matt O’Connor & F4J

  1. NOTA (Please!) says:

    In the wake of todays decision by the CPS on Lord Janner my old mate Guido Fawkes has posted a very interesting story which raised the following comment:-

    “For anyone who was late arriving, here’s the summary of the benefits of being a politician:

    Commit murder and get away with it

    R@pe children and get away with it

    Steal and get away with it

    Start illegal wars and get away with it

    Abuse an expenses system and get away with it

    Charles Manson, Peter Sutcliffe, Ian Brady, Myra Hindley, Fred and Rose West, Jeffrey Dahmer, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall, Gary Glitter and all the other serial killers and nonces went about it the wrong way. If they’d just entered politics, they’d be free as a bird now.”

    That just about sums up the current situation and I would willingly vote for anybody who could restore justice in this most corrupt country. The whole lot should stand down and we need to start afresh. NOTA – i.e. “None of the Above” should be on our ballot papers. Farage needn’t push Australia’s immigration approach – he should promote their electoral system first!

    And, before anybody suggest I should emigrate to Oz – don’t bother – I’m too old now, but came within an ace of doing so 20 years ago. If I’d known the country was going to be in the state it is now – I would have. Hindsight is indeed a wonderful thing!

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