It’s a full-time job cleaning up Ms Nokes Political Image!

From white-washing the facts surrounding her “hotel indiscretions” to re-writing history on her Wikipedia page, someone has a full-time job cleaning up Caroline Nokes image ahead of the election!

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2 Responses to It’s a full-time job cleaning up Ms Nokes Political Image!

  1. No Nokes! says:

    Many congratulations to the photographer with a very good telephoto lens!

  2. No No Nookie Nokes! says:

    Looks like one scrubber’s scrubbing up another!

    Why are folk so stupid to put the bloody things up in the first place? They should be treated as litter and £100 fined for each one put up. Now Daddy’s in charge at HCC she doesn’t bother about the rules as to where they get stuck either.

    Let’s have a competition. Look at her twittering – see how many times she wears the same stinking brown jacket she mucks out the stables in, feeds the rare pigs, then goes to a public meeting without showering or changing. That’s just what she did at the Romsey Extra Parish Assembly on Wed evening. Thank God she left early and took the pong with her! Maybe she is the Romsey pong they’re trying to locate!

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