Protect Yourselves – Protect Your Family: A black day for fathers

7th May 2015 Election Result Front Pages

The results that have come in during the early hours of this morning in the UK General Election are a black day for fathers fighting to see their children after divorce and separation.

At the last election in 2010 David Cameron promised to “bring fathers back into the family” before saying they would “hit the ground running” on family law reform.

He lied.

He’s a politician.

Lying was something we all had to get used to over the last 5 years, not just from the Prime Minister but also from his MP’s.

Within months of being elected in 2010 David Cameron and his MP’s did a U-turn, turning their backs on the 4 million children growing up without a father.

Since then the Conservative campaign against the “traditional family” has continued – through the bedroom tax, the re-structuring of the Child Support Agency, covering up of child abuse, prosecuting parents for taking holidays in school term times, drastic reforms to disability benefits and the Children & Families Bill that ensures fathers will not have any right in law to see their children after separation and divorce.

As the results are coming in, it is clear that many MP’s who publicly supported fathers rights have been removed from the political map.

If you have not already left the UK, then start packing because the UK is no longer a country that puts you, children or families before the self interests of politicians and the vested interest.

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  1. A Black Day For Romsey says:

    Romsey has voted for “cheating on you husband”, “fiddling your expenses”, “bullying”, “violence”, “political corruption”, “lies”, “covering up child abuse”. I hope they are prepared for the shame that will follow. Maybe 1500 houses at Whitenap and the problems that that will bring is Karma.

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