Magna Carta – Words Are Cheap!

Princess Anne re-dedicated the American Bar Association memorial, erected at the site in 1957

Yesterdays “celebrations” in the UK of 800 years of the Magna Carta looked for all intense and purposes like a “typical”, “charming”, “British thing” full of the pomp and royal ceremony recognised around the World.

Sadly though despite all the “positive press and spin” and wheeling out of Royals and dignitaries, the Magna Carta is not worth the paper, or rather ancient parchment, it is written on.

The Magna Carta 1215-2015

The Magna Carta was written in Medieval Latin on Parchment for the record. On the 19 June 1215 at Runnymede King John signed the Magna Carta. It was the first formal document stating that a King had to follow the laws of the land and it guaranteed the rights of individuals against the wishes of the King. This meant people couldn’t be arrested, imprisoned of have their possessions taken away except by the judgment of his equals and/or the law of the land. This laid the way for trial by jury that means people are tried by their peers and guaranteed the civil rights of the individual.

Fast forward to June 2015.

The UK has one of the most unjust legal systems. With secret courts, moves to exclude the public from simple Public Order Offense Trials, political policing, political trials and the Met Police’s very own special “shoot first, cover up later” policy, it is more akin to North Korea than the respectable middleclass image of the UK the politicians and press try to present around the world.

David Cameron admits on the David Letterman Show that he does not know what "Magna Carta" means.

Fronting yesterday’s hypocrisy was David Cameron, who 3 years ago did not even know what “Magna Carta” meant.

The Guardian – David Cameron fluffs citizenship test on the David Letterman Show, Sept 2012.

“The interrogation turned to Magna Carta. “1215,” he shot back when asked the date it was signed. It took him a few minutes to give the venue – Runnymede – before delivering a first class essay about its significance in checking the powers of the English crown. But he did not know the English for Magna Carta. Cameron’s university chum, Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, who has appeared on the show, will no doubt be chuckling. Letterman eventually ended Cameron’s agony, explaining it meant Great Charter.”

David Cameron and The Queen at the Magna Carta Celebrations, Runnymede

Yesterday “powerpoint PR politician” Cameron, newly briefed on the subject, said: “But here in Britain, ironically, the place where those ideas were first set out, the good name of ‘human rights’ has sometimes become distorted and devalued. It falls to us in this generation to restore the reputation of those rights – and their critical underpinning of our legal system. It is our duty to safeguard the legacy, the idea, the momentous achievement of those barons.”

While at the same time he is planning to destroy the Human Rights Act and replace it with a Tory Bill of Rights, kicking Article 10 into touch!

Words are cheap Mr Cameron!

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