Would you put your child in an SEN School in Hampshire given the Arnewood & Stanbridge Earls Cases?

Arnewood School and Stanbridge Earls School Similarities and Cover-Ups?

The following article is taken from the New Milton Watch Facebook Page. The similarities to the Stanbridge Earls School case are disturbing, especially when you discover all the usual names and agencies are involved.


Teacher who kept “sex dossier” on pupils at Hampshire School, rebailed until January 2016

Why is Hampshire Constabulary taking so long you might ask. Well let’s hope it’s because like they said they would, they are now also thoroughly investigating the failings of the authorities and the school as to just why the evidence that led to an arrest did not reach the police when it should have.

After reading a detailed account of the horrendous children safeguarding failings at the Stanbridge Earls School, and the authorities refusal to act in that case, what struck me is Hampshire County Council’s very same “modus operandi” in its treatment of the serious children safeguarding failings at the Arnewood School in New Milton too.

To read a detailed account of the Stanbridge Earls School debacle see:
http://www.nadineoconnor.org/?p=2337. It’s eye watering and disturbing reading to put it mildly.

This propensity for Hampshire County Council Children’s Services to fail to act when it is incumbent for them to do so to protect our children’s best interests now seems to be a very well trodden path indeed.

The Stanbridge Earls School story is a tragedy for which there was effectively no real or proper accountability for the authorities to which people have to entrust their children’s welfare and safety on a daily basis. Yet once again despite the resounding “lessons to be learned” noises no doubt emanating out of this catastrophic nightmare, this same lack of accountability by the authorities and the responsible individuals has once again reared its dubious head and become very visible as the Arnewood School debacle has unfolded before us. Beyond this I am not making any comparisons regarding the shameful and disturbing yet different realities that have come to light about the historic events that have befallen children at these two dubious schools, both rated as “outstanding” by Ofsted.

At the Arnewood School evidence did not find it’s way to the police when it should have. Here I refer to the “sex dossier” as the press named it. This was kept on children for the best part of a decade by this teacher. Under safeguarding guidelines (and basic common sense) it should have immediately been sent to the police by the school or council on the discovery thereof. But it was not. If this is not scary enough parents and the public were also then deceived by the school about events and a police investigation clearing this teacher when it had not.Yet to date no one at the school or council is to blame for this catastrophic safeguarding failing and this deceit. No one has yet been held to account yet again for letting kids down and misleading parents. Why not? What does it take?

It’s not even clever any more:

Read the letter proving the Head of Children’s Services Mr. John Coughlan agreed with a police investigation which cleared this teacher of any criminal wrong doing Click Here

The only thing is THERE HAD BEEN NO POLICE INVESTIGATION at the time! This has been officially confirmed by both Hampshire and Dorset Constabularies. This teacher had not been cleared of any criminal conduct at all. He is only now under active investigation by Hampshire Constabulary after being arrested as subsequent events and the news now informs us.


So you have to ask yourself what on earth was the basis for Mr. John Coughlan’s letter to a Member of Parliament stating he agreed with the police not taking action? Why did he not know no police investigation had taken place at that point as the evidence had not even been sent to them by anyone at HCC or the school so they could investigate? Is the letter perhaps deliberately untrue or just a case of him not knowing the facts? Either way this does not bode at all well for children’s best interests or “children’s safeguarding” prospects in the hands of Hampshire County Council Children’s Services.

If you were Desmond Swayne MP would you not be furious about being misled by the Head of Children’s Services like this about something so very serious? I would, and I’m not on the Privy Council or a Government Minister.

Then there were the historic SEN failings at the Arnewood School as proven in the High Court. These failings were also arbitrarily denied and batted away by all the same players, Councilor Roy Perry now the Leader of Hampshire County Council and Mr. John Coughlan the Director of Children’s Services and his legal team. And you guessed it, no one was to blame or accountable for these breaches to SEN children’s rights down the years either.

To see the proof of the SEN failings Click Here

To see confirmation of the denial of these established failings by Councillor Perry the current leader of Hampshire County Council Click Here

I think you will notice a common recurring theme running through all these cases regarding children’s rights being trampled on. You will also no doubt recognise this for what it is. It has nothing remotely to do with putting children’s best interests first. It also has nothing to do with “accountability” and “openness and transparency”. It is something else.

But it is getting more and more brazen and arrogant by the day.

For your consideration.

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