Westminster at it’s Worst Ahead of a Vote For More Warmongering

Today the Prime Minister David Cameron will finally morph fully into Tony Blair.

Cameron has long spent every painful minute of his tenure as Prime Minister taking advice from Tony Bliar (as he is referred to by his fans) & trying to be emulate Blair at home and abroad.

So hours away from his Governments ill-informed and misguided decision to bomb Syria, Cameron must be beside himself with elation at accomplishing the final step towards “Being Blair”.

Love Live Tony Blair!

For a man with all his money and privileged education, clearly history was not a strong point for Cameron at school, not even recent history, but then clearly neither was politics.

Cameron has already flip-flopped on Syria, supporting one side and then the other. His “intelligence” to support bombing is flaky at best. Today during the debate Cameron’s fantasy 70,000 figure has been blown out the water by an MP who was actually in the Middle East last week who confirmed the figure is nearer 10-15,000. But hey who needs “facts” when making decisions like this?

Julian Lewis MP

Julian Lewis MP

For the last 6 months the US has been bombing Syria and everyone is in agreement it’s done nothing. Recent terrorist attacks have been carried out by people here in Europe and there is widespread acceptance from “experts” that the people that any bombing is intended to reach are not all living in one convenient place, they are spread within communities, dispersed amongst innocent people. Even Julian Lewis the Tory MP who is the Chairman of the Commons Defence Committee won’t back Cameron and has warned of “bogus battalions”.

Angus Robertson MP

Does nobody in the current Parliament, except Jeremy Corbyn and Angus Robertson, remember the debacle over the Iraq war? No, ok well how about Libya then?

Thank god for Angus Robertson and his intelligent and robust performance in the debate today. We are lucky to have in Robertson not only an excellent constituency MP but a man who clearly understands national and international politics far better than those running the country.

RAF Tornado's

For no one more than Robertson knows that if this goes wrong it will be to his door, and not Cameron’s, that the victims will come knocking, for in his constituency we have RAF Lossiemouth, home to the pilots and their families on who’s shoulders this act will fall. Every wife, or indeed husband, left at home when their loved one goes to war or a tour in a combat zone lives with that ever turning sickening knot in the pit of their stomach until they see them again with their own eyes. For these families sleeping at night is punctured by the fear of the late night phone call or knock at the door. I doubt the MP’s who vote with Cameron tonight will loose a wink of sleep, swiftly moving on tomorrow to the next photo opportunity and vote winning band waggon.

Jeremy Corbyn MP

As for Cameron’s “terrorist sympathiser” comments, Corbyn let him get off lightly telling him that he “demeans the office of Prime Minister” and “undermines the seriousness of the deliberations we are having today”. In saying this Cameron has also labelled all those constituents across the country who oppose the bombing of Syria. Despite being given an opportunity to intervene and apologise, David Cameron declined to do so.

This alone shows what an utterly reprehensible person Cameron is and how he is totally unfit for politics and to lead the UK.

A vote in favour of bombing is a slippery slope towards troops on the ground.

Now don’t get me wrong, I fully support military action when we have substantiated intelligence to support the move and a guaranteed outcome. So if Cameron has got all those ducks in a row and the facts are true and accurate then he can bomb the hell out of who he wants – on 2 conditions:

Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme

1. He makes it compulsory for every single MP, male and female, under the age of 45 to enlist in the armed forces before they vote. Starting with all members of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme.

No excuses, stop playing at soldiers and spunking it up in the Officers Mess do it for real. No desk jobs 1000’s of miles away from the real action, every single one of them must be on the ground up the front leading by example, weapons technicians, medics, transport, navigators, chefs, you name it the real jobs right in the heart of the action.

2. Then, alongside every MP, every single MP’s son and daughter over the age of 18 must enlist.

When MP’s are prepared to face the reality of their own children fighting on the front line, then they can make decisions for other people’s children.

If these 2 conditions were put in place then tomorrows headlines would be very different.

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