Simon Hayes – Gone, But Not Forgotten

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”
said Martin Luther King Jr.

Simon Hayes (Centre) Former Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Simon Hayes (Centre)

It is a phrase that resonates with everyone who has suffered injustice at the hands of the police, press and politicians, because the one thing the police, press and politicians always misjudge, as they sit smugly in their ivory towers thinking they have got away with it, is that those subjected to such malicious injustice have an inner core the injustice created that will not be broken and they never, ever, forget.

Small victories can be won along the way, like the ousting of Simon Hayes who was voted out of his job as Hampshire Police & Crime Commissioner last week.

Despite this, myself, and other victims of crimes in Hampshire, will never give up seeking justice and pursuing those responsible, retired, voted out, or not.

Former CC Andy Marsh

During his tenure as Hampshire PCC Simon Hayes, according to many, put the Chief Constable and Conservative politicians before the victims of crimes and colluded in the covering up of politically motivated crimes. Children in particular suffered, and still suffer to this day, as a result of his refusal to protect them ahead of his job, his friends and colleagues.

One of his supporters on Twitter last week complained that “politicians” should not be allowed to stand for the role of PCC – clearly she was unaware of Hayes’s staggeringly long political career as a Tory politician over the previous decades in Hampshire before he had a damascene conversion and became “independent” and stood as the PCC.

Cllr Roy Perry

But the constant claim of “independence” did not fool those in political circles for Hayes’s loyalty to fellow Tory’s made a mockery his campaign slogan. Only a few months ago Hampshire County Council Leader Cllr Roy Perry allegedly tried to persuade Hayes to stand as the Tory Candidate in the PCC Elections but Hayes in his arrogance declined. He thought his carefully choreographed “man of the people” PR campaign had worked and he was by all accounts confident he would be returned for a second term.

But behind the mountains of glossy press releases his time as PCC will be remembered by his victims for the staggering number of complaints about the Chief Constable and the PCC himself. Many complaints upheld but no action ever taken.

Queens Bench - Legal Action against Former Hampshire Chief Constable Andy Marsh

Queens Bench – Legal Action

Some complaints even culminated in High Court action against the Chief Constable at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds to the Hampshire tax payer. In recent weeks I understand a record amount of damages were also awarded to one victim in a case linked to child abuse and a failed Hampshire Police investigation.

Then there was the recent IPCC decision to investigate the “Chief Constable of Hampshire” which was nicely side-stepped thanks to a legal loop-hole exploited by Hayes in order to protect Andy Marsh –  Hayes facilitated Marsh’s timely, and convenient, move to Avon & Somerset Constabulary which meant Marsh was no longer the “Chief Constable of Hampshire” when the IPCC Report was to be actioned – neat eh?

Over the last 4 years those who have tried to stand up to Simon Hayes and his colleagues and expose his failings as PCC have been subjected to monitoring, personal attacks and political arrests in order to silence and discredit them. Others have been assaulted and threatened by Hayes’s colleagues and targeted on social media by his supporters.

Thankfully there are those with a steal resolve, who, while glad to see that back of Simon Hayes, will not forget and will not let what went on under his watch conveniently fade into history; they will continue to fight for justice and to ensure Hayes and those responsible are held to account. If it takes a life time, then so be it because for many their normal lives have already ended, or have been put on hold as a result of what happened to them, so time is something they have plenty of.

Today Hayes is licking his wounds and childishly stamping his feet shouting verbal abuse” when people simply ask him to explain his actions and state how they feel about his conduct as PCC.

I know I am not alone in my feelings about his departure. A Mr Baker had this to say about Simon Hayes’s legacy“The Ombudsman’s report in my case referred to the systematic failure of Hampshire Police Management to properly understand their responsibilities under the Victims Code but, unsurprisingly, no mention of this key aspect in their letter of apology. I tried to raise the matter with PCC Simon Hayes in the public interest but he totally ignored me. Thank goodness this man has been voted out. He was about as useful as a chocolate fire-guard.

For Simon Hayes’s colleagues, friends and supporters who continue to target victims as I type, they should all remember Hillsborough because the truth always outs in the end and you can only ever “stick a dead cat on the table” once, and when you play that card you should be confident the people you are trying to discredit have revealed all their cards – people should remember justice comes in many forms.

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3 Responses to Simon Hayes – Gone, But Not Forgotten

  1. romsey reveller says:

    I wonder if Mr Hayes will leave Romsey now and move back to live with his wife?

    • John Caine says:

      Wherever he goes it will take a while for the slime trial he has left behind to disappear and an OPCC built in his image to be fumigated.

  2. John Caine says:

    Perfectly put. They will be uncovered in the end. Even the well protected. Should I mention Jimmy Savile? As a 95 year young very wise ex local newspaper news editor told me – “hang together, hung separately”. We owe this to not only to ourselves but more importantly to our children and their children and so on. It’s a long game, it shouldn’t be but the nature of the beast dictates otherwise. Lies and cover up at every level. Simply because there are now too many fat cat salaries to fight for. Before public services attracted the public spirited now it attracts the greedy. As Joseph Goebbels said “repeat a lie often enough and they will believe it, and you yourself will come to believe it too. So they are not even onto something new. We are English and have been to a “lot of bother” fighting this sort of thing through history to ensure we have rights. Do they think for a moment we have lost this resolve? They will be held to account if I have anything to do with it.

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