Class A Drug Taking, Violence & Contact Denial At Holy Communion – Help Identify This Thug

This is the shocking moment dad Jason Appleyard was attacked at Charlton Rugby Club by the man in the white shirt as he waited to collect his daughter from her Holy Communion party last Saturday night. Jason, who had not been invited to his daughter’s Holy Communion Party, had a court order to pick her up at 6.00pm, waited patiently for several hours after he attempted to collect her at the correct time.

On returning he witnessed the use of Class A drugs by several parents, including the founder of Domestic Violence Charity, Hope Empowered Despite having a copy of the court order, Jason was hounded out of the building by other parents before being attacked and Police being called.

He was reunited with his daughter at around 10.30pm that evening after several Police officers went into the building and brought his daughter out. He was then told to leave the area immediately because of problems inside the building. Fathers4Justice understands at least one parent was handcuffed and several units called to the location.

Fathers4Justice are calling on Greenwich Council to launch an inquiry into Hope Empowered and whether it’s funding should be withdrawn given the allegations of drug taking, it’s involvement in contact denial and subsequent violence which all took place in front of children. The group are also calling on Police to arrest the man in the video for assault and investigate the drug taking on the night and to disclose what safeguarding measures were put in place for the children present.

Full story will be available at later.

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  1. Peter thomad says:

    If I would of known about this before I would of come forward

  2. Peter thomad says:

    How in God’s name did Cassie ever get in this position of trust

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