Karma Cameron

David Cameron Resigns

David Cameron resigns following his defeat in the EU Referendum Vote following a victory for the “Leave” Campaign.

This resignation is long over due from a man who has lied throughout his prime ministerial career, was re-elected despite broken election promises and having run a party of thuggish, cheating, bent MP’s who have no respect for the people they claim to represent.

Cameron’s legacy will be the EU vote failure because he has done nothing of value throughout his power-point political career.

Karma has delivered.

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One Response to Karma Cameron

  1. Romsey Rejoices says:

    Nokes backed the Remain Camp – Oops
    Nokes backed Cameron and Osborne – Oops
    Nokes signed the letter begging Cameron to stay – Oops
    Test Valley and Southampton (that make up Nokes’s constituency) did not agree with their MP – Oops
    Nokes is disconnected from her constituents (but then she could not care less about her constituents as long as her pocket is being lined) – Oops
    The people have spoken and they voted to Leave sending a message to Cameron forcing him to resign, lets hope that change continues down to Romsey – send Nokes packing to Europe on a one way ticket.

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