Stanbridge Earls School Update – 2 Top Hampshire Police Officers face independent investigation

Stanbridge Earls School

Will 2017 finally bring justice for the victims of child abuse at Stanbridge Earls School?

It’s long been accepted that the worst kind of child abuse takes place behind “closed doors” and that is where the investigations into Stanbridge Earls School would stay if Hampshire County Council, Hampshire Police and certain politicians had their way.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on who you are, there are a few organisations and individuals who cannot be silenced or have their operations sealed.

As reported on this website back in May 2016 former Hampshire Chief Constable Andy Marsh is under investigation because he set up Operation Flamborough to protect the reputation of Hampshire Constabulary, and other organisations and individuals in Romsey, following claims he ordered a whitewash over the failure of police investigations into the sex abuse allegations at Stanbridge Earls School

Deputy Chief Constable Sara Glen

I have now learnt that Hampshire Deputy Chief Constable Sara Glen and former Hampshire Assistant Chief Constable Laura Nicholson, who is now at Thames Valley Constabulary, are also to be investigated by a separate police force, following an appeal to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, the IPCC.

ACC Nicholson

The Appeal, which took 18 months, was upheld and now both Glen and Nicholson are being investigated for their involvement in the disputed Operation Flamborough Terms of Reference.

In addition to this, I can confirm that The Charity Commission, who withdrew its first 2 reports on Stanbridge Earls School has still not re-published its report into the School’s conduct and Trustee’s actions as investigations continue. Read the Stanbridge Earls Timeline of Abuse and Cover Up here:

It would appear that those who tried so desperately to cover up the child abuse at the school and did their hardest to shift blame and attention onto others to avoid detection and protect certain individuals are still being pursued, and rightly so.

Let’s hope that 2017 is the year the child abusers and those involved in the cover up at Stanbridge Earls School are exposed fully and justice is served, if not through the Courts, who after all act to protect their own in many cases, but by someone who has the courage to speak out publically for the sake of themselves and others.

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3 Responses to Stanbridge Earls School Update – 2 Top Hampshire Police Officers face independent investigation

  1. steven oldfield says:

    The Hampshire Constabulary are still riddled with corruption and to substantiate this I have in my possession falsified Statements from Police officers that were used to falsely incriminate during a Crown Court Trial. Judge Hetherington, a senior Judge at Portsmouth Crown Court, even supported the Corruption by collusion with the Conspiracy itself. It has to said that problems in our systems run far deeper than people could ever imagine and I would expect the cover up, in the matter of Stanbridge Earls, to be extensive and driven by higher directives.

    • Editor says:

      Steven I agree. It is my belief that there is a substantial child abuse / paedophile ring in Hampshire that goes back at least 40 years. Those involved in the abuse include police officers, judges, teachers and politicians. Certain schools, such as Stanbridge Earls were the recruiting grounds for victims as well as abusers. The reason that there is such a co-ordintaed cover-up by Hampshire County Council and Hampshire Police, even today, is because many of the abusers are still alive and active within the community in senior political/judicial and community roles. The younger generations within the police, local authorities and political circles are colluding with the cover up because a) they know who these people are and some are very close to them and b) they have come by their positions today because of these people (i.e. they were specifically recruited and elected because they would continue the wall of silence and feel duty bound to them). In my view if you know and keep quiet then you are as guilty of the abuse as those who carried out the physical abuse. The list of names I have been forwarded over the last 2 years is shocking and maybe one day I will simply publish and be damned although I continue to fear for my safety if I was to ever visit Hampshire again. I am fully aware of people who have been questioned with regards to carrying out abuse, even within the last couple of years, but nothing has come of these investigations, instead the police have turned on the victims and concocted allegations about them in order to distract and deflect attention. The worst kind of child abuse goes on behind closed doors and in Hampshire it is rife because the doors are firmly shut.

  2. John Caine says:

    The IPCC are also investigating Hampshire Constabulary’s cover up of its failings re the Arnewood School teacher who kept “sex dossiers” on kids for 10 years. Hampshire County Council and Hampshire police officers conveniently looked the other way and failed to record and investigate this teacher when they should have. That led to 17 sex offences against children being carried out. All covered up by a very dirty PSD (professional standards department). Evidently putting kids at serious risk is preferable to them over holding bent or incompetent coppers to account. A Mr. Stephen Franks of the PSD has been the cover up lead, but it extends all through the PSD and well beyond. Even the “independent” appeals officer’s lend a helping hand. They need locking up for deliberately endangering children. A very dirty organisation. Promotions all around.

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