Hope Not Hayes for Romsey

In May 2017 there will be County Council Elections in Hampshire and one district in particular is causing grave consternation in Romsey. One of the candidates, appears to have put the “Con” back into “Conservative”.

Her Majesty The Queen 2007

The Hampshire County Council Romsey Town District has been held by Liberal Democrat, Cllr Mark Cooper, since 2005 and his credentials are impressive:

1986 – To Date:
Elected to Romsey Town Council

1986 – To Date:
Elected to Test Valley Borough Council

1991 – To Date:
Mayor of Romsey

2005 – To Date:
Elected to Hampshire County Council

In 2007, Cooper was re elected Mayor of Romsey, and welcomed Her Majesty The Queen on her official visit to the town.

Cllr Cooper has worked tirelessly on numerous projects and local charities in Romsey over the last 30 years, interacting with every aspect of the community, young and old.  Some would go as far as to say Mark Cooper was the best MP Romsey never had.

Simon Hayes - Former Hampshire Police & Crime Commissioner

Simon Hayes – Former P&CC

And that is why the announcement that former Hampshire Police & Crime Commissioner Simon Hayes is the Conservative candidate for Romsey Town has got so many people up in arms, even within diehard Tory ranks.

In 2012, when the country was facing its first round of elections for Police & Crime Commissioners (PCC), eyebrows were raised when Simon Hayes, a life-long, card-carrying Conservative, stood for election and made the extraordinary claim he was “Independent”.

A career politician, and close personal friend of Cllr Roy Perry and Caroline Nokes MP, Simon Hayes had previously been Chairman of the Hampshire Police Authority, a Conservative Councillor on both Hampshire County Council and New Forest District Council, and the Conservative Candidate for Mid Dorset and North Poole in 2005.

Anyone who believed he was independent was in denial. Further, he was also investigated for electoral fraud after it was claimed he was living 100 miles away in Northampton. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2013/aug/25/police-commissioners-electoral-fraud-claims

Michael Mates

I have long since held the belief that Simon Hayes was no more “Independent” than…well…the other Tory PCC Candidate in 2012, former Tory MP, Michael Mates.

The local Tories hedged their bets by putting up two stooges; establishment Tory figure in Mates and Hayes the Tory boy cunningly disguised as an independent, who if elected, could ensure Hampshire County Council, Hampshire Police and local Tory politicians, had their backs covered.

Hayes won the 2012 PCC election at a time when the people of Hampshire quite rightly were getting a little fed up of party politics. For the following four years he continued to claim he was independent despite the fact that he did everything possible to protect the Hampshire Kleptocracy, a cabal of rotten establishment figures who all shared the same incestuous, political bed.

Stanbridge Earls School

During Hayes’s tenure as PCC, Hayes himself, Hampshire Police and Hampshire politicians repeatedly faced claims that they were involved in the cover-up of a child abuse scandal relating to Stanbridge Earls School. Two senior Hampshire police officers are still under investigation and the publication of a previously unseen Ofsted Report last week has raised further questions about who at Hampshire Police and Hampshire County Council knew of, and kept quiet about, Ofsted’s findings of underage sex and rape at the now closed school.

PCC Candidates at a Public Meeting 2016

Hayes continued to peddle his claim of “independence” during his campaign for re-election in 2016, telling the people of Hampshire “I’m again standing as an Independent, non-Party Political candidate, because I believe YOUR Police Commissioner must be free from the influences of political masters in Westminster.”

At hustings meetings Hayes told the voting public he “would never again go into politics because he had found himself “free” of any pressure”.


Me thinks he did protest too much!

Simon Hayes & Caroline Nokes MP

Fast forward a few months after Hayes spectacular defeat, and he is back in the sack with another Tory runner and rider, Romsey MP Caroline Nokes and the Romsey & Southampton Conservative Association.

Those who have observed his tawdry career over the last five years are not in the least bit surprised. He never left in the first place. His “independent” claims are as fake as his interest in Romsey Town.

NB. For other information on Simon Hayes CLICK HERE

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6 Responses to Hope Not Hayes for Romsey

  1. Hayes Out says:

    The people of Romsey have spoken Simon Hayes! Get Lost!
    They saw through your “fake” “caring for Romsey campaign”
    They saw through your “fake” “I am an independent candidate campaign” during the PCC elections only for you to reveal your true leanings and stick back on your soiled blue rosette the minute you lost your job and you rejoined your grubby little Tory mates.
    Romsey wants and needs people who are genuine, trust worthy and care about its people and town, not those who lie and cheat and operate in the shadows of deceit.

  2. Josh says:

    Hi , I was a pupil at the school and can shed some light on the school.
    I was involved with the police investigation operation involving 2015.

    Being a survivor of that school has made me stronger but it was a battle to get where I am today.

  3. Romsey Rejoices says:

    “Some would go as far as to say Mark Cooper was the best MP Romsey never had.” – How true, Mark Cooper has quietly gone about doing more for the people of Romsey than anyone else over the last 30 years. The reputation of Romsey has been tarnished by the extra marital affairs, bed hopping, toy boy chasing antics of Shagger Nokes – and thats only the stuff the public is aware of there are far worse things she has done that have been brushed under the carpet by her lawyers – Romsey would certainly never have happened experienced such shame if Cllr Cooper had been the MP. As for Simon Hayes he has no history with Romsey and only “appeared” to live here shortly before he was kicked out of the PCC job. One has to wonder why he never wanted to move back to Northampton to live with his wife?

  4. Beyond a Joke! says:

    “Appears to have put the “Con” back in “Conservative””.

    If that is supposed to be some sort of joke, it isn’t in the least bit funny. Why? Because in Romsey and Hampshire and Westminster the Romsey Tories never ever took the “Con” out with the likes of Hayes, Perry and Nokes picking their safe seat slots.

    But this time maybe they have slipped up big time. Despite the fact Mark Cooper stands under a Lib Dem banner he has virtually never publicly spouted Lib Dem party politics. He may be criticised occasionally and maybe that cost him his chance to stand for Parliament, but mostly he has always stood his ground to try and get the best result for the welfare of the people and town. Surely the voters in May will recognise this and let him continue so to do. Many of us hope so!

    • admin says:

      I agree – Mark Cooper is one of the few “politicians” who does not need a party logo on his leaflet because his track record for Romsey speaks for itself, but his long term commitment to the party of his choice should serve as a gentle reminder to voters that genuine loyalty is sadly lacking in other political figures in the town.

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