Stanbridge Earls Charity Commission Investigation Still Ongoing

Charity Commission

It has been reported here that the Charity Commission has previously published 2 reports into Stanbridge Earls School, the Management and Trustees, both of which were withdrawn due to complaints about inaccuracies.

In March 2015, the Daily Echo reported that “questions have been raised about the findings of its report, which investigated whether trustees had managed the school charity properly in the wake of the allegations, prompting the move”.

Over 2 years after this article I can reveal that the Charity Commission claims that it is still investigating the matter, despite repeated claims by some that the school has been cleared and there was nothing supporting the claims of systematic child abuse and substantial failings by Trustees.

Is this a case of certain parties, such as the police, local authority, local politicians and former Trustees hoping that if its left long enough Stanbridge Earls will be forgotten about and can slip off the agenda?

In an email to a freelance journalist, Rola Kamaleddine, the Assistant Press Officer at Charity Commission for England and Wales, stated

From: Rola Kamaleddine
Date: Fri, Aug 25, 2017 at 4:19 PM
Subject: RE: Stanbridge Earls School Report Update – Charity Commission Number 307342
To: Claire Hall

Hi Claire,

Yes, we previously withdrew a report in December 2015. This inquiry is still ongoing and we will publish a new report online once the investigation has concluded. We unfortunately cannot provide timescales for ongoing inquiries.

Just to note, we did not publish or withdraw a report in regards to this investigation in February 2016.

It is of great concern to the many victims who have since come forward with regards to abuse allegations at Stanbridge Earls School that nearly 3 years after the initial reports were withdrawn the Charity Commission is no nearer concluding its report and bringing closure for these victims.

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