Calls for Carolines Nokes MP to resign – again!

How many times does Caroline Nokes MP have to embarrass the PM, mislead constituents and break the law before she resigns?


Caroline Nokes, the Cabinet Office minister, is facing calls to resign after planning laws were broken in obtaining permission for a new set of stables and a double garage at her constituency home.

A planning application to develop her £1m family house on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire was submitted in the married name of her sister, who was identified as the property’s owner.

The form was submitted in the name of Elisabeth Bellingham and included a “certificate of ownership” signed on Bellingham’s behalf by Nokes’s agent.

Land Registry documents, however, show that Nokes, the MP for Romsey and Southampton North, has been the sole owner of the property since her former husband Marc was removed from the title following their divorce.

A senior partner in planning law at a City firm said any such application has to declare the identity of the property’s true owner to comply with the law. Anyone who submits a false certificate of ownership can be found guilty of an offence and face a fine of up to £5,000.

John Mann, a Labour MP, called on Nokes to resign. “If she is not identified as the owner on a planning application for her property, she will obviously have to resign as a minister. Anyone can put in a planning application but you can’t mislead, particularly as an MP.”

Nokes, who has criticised property developers for manipulating planning laws, split from her husband after she was caught cheating with a young Tory councillor weeks after being elected as an MP in June 2010. Following her divorce, Nokes redeveloped her constituency home, including the conversion of an existing garage to provide a home for her parents, Veronica and Roy Perry, both in their mid-seventies. Her father is the Tory leader of Hampshire county council.

Don Jerrard, a local councillor, said as a local politician, Nokes’s application would have been “more likely to have been referred to the local planning committee” if she had been identified as the owner. He said he did not believe the application “for all the works would have been approved”.

The New Forest National Park authority said it would “not be in the public interest to spend money on a prosecution and we consider the matter closed”. It added that there had been “no gain to the family as a result”.

The minister and her father declined to comment. Nokes’s agent hung up when asked about his involvement.


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5 Responses to Calls for Carolines Nokes MP to resign – again!

  1. John Caine says:

    Oh and under law you do not have to “gain” to be guilty of Fraud under the Fraud Act 2006. Only to have the intention of doing so by fraudulently misrepresenting the facts. Any 2 bit criminal solicitor will tell you that. So why does NFDC legal not know that???. What binds these fools together I wonder……

  2. John Caine says:

    I think they must fancy themselves as a family dy-nasty. HCC is as corrupt as hell under Roy Perry. From turning a blind eye to child sex offenders to protect reputations to keeping silent about John Couhglan the Chief Executive offering false reassurances about a teacher sex offender who was committing crimes against children at the time! Any proper democracy would see them locked up for child endangerment and criminal negligence. But that won’t happen as they have the police in their pockets who suffer from exactly the same delusions of being above the law and unaccountable. As for the local press, they aren’t doing their job either. Shhhhh … This should be front page stuff. It’s political corruption. Technically under law it qualifies as Fraud under the Fraud act 2006. There are far more honest people in prison for far less serious crimes. Someone in a position of influence needs to sit up and take notice and do something about this otherwise they too are complicit. What’s that about an acorn not falling far from the tree?

  3. Nokes & Perry Must Resign says:

    This whole family are a bunch of crooks, in it for what they can get for themselves – they always have been! Of course they have “gained” from this planning application. New Forest District Council are talking a crock of shit in order to excuse their own corrupt conduct. By making a fraudulent application they got round rules that were put in place to ensure Cllrs and MP’s did not get special treatment and to ensure the local authority was transparent – by ignoring these rules and doing nothing about it when the fraud was exposed means the local authority is complicate in the act. There can not be one law for us and one law for them. Nokes has also developed her property and increased its value – there is significant “gain” there. Not to mention if they are not paying council tax on this new dwelling then they are defrauding the local authority for financial “gain” there. Everything this family does is about personal gain both financially and professionally and they don’t care who they ruin along the way. This is not only a resigning matter for both of them but it’s financial fraud and her sister should be done for fraud as well as well as the “agent”. I wonder if the Nokes & Perry PR Machine at the Echo and Romsey Advertiser will even run this story or are they still in the pockets of this political dynasty? The biggest problem here though is the voters in Romsey who will once again turns blind eye to her behaviour. The final quote in the story “Nokes’s agent hung up when asked about his involvement” says all you need to know about these people. I wonder how many other people in the local Tory party were involved in this scam?

  4. Romsey Resident says:

    This woman is an absolute disgrace to Romsey – from her 4 year affair that was revealed as soon as she was elected – to driving a man to a constituents house to carry out an attack – to this latest criminal offence. Is she above the law because of her connections in Hampshire Police? Nokes was arrested following the attack on the constituents home in 2014 but Hampshire Police covered that up too. Is Roy Perry paying council tax on this new property?

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