Nokes Agent Graham Jenkins must be investigated by the RICS

Caroline Nokes MP

The recent exposé regarding Caroline Nokes MP, Cllr Roy Perry, Leader of Hampshire County Council, New Forest National Parks Authority (NFNPA) and a false declaration on Nokes Planning Application, has raised serious questions about press reporting in Hampshire, political influence, planning fraud and financial irregularities in relation to non payment of Council Tax.

‘Agent’ Graham Jenkins

The one person who is absolutely critical to this latest scandal is Nokes ‘agent’ – Graham Jenkins, a planning consultant from Chilworth in Hampshire on the edge of Nokes Romsey & Southampton North Constituency.

Nokes’s agent hung up when the Sunday Times called him last week for an explanation of his actions. “The minister and her father declined to comment. Nokes’s agent hung up when asked about his involvement”.

The full Sunday Times Article of the 22nd October 2017 can be read HERE.

This week Nokes gallantly threw Jenkins under a bus in her Daily Echo’s interview. By dissolving herself of any blame and publicly pointing the finger at Jenkins, Nokes has attempted to make Jenkins her ‘scape-goat’. I wonder if Jenkins realised what was going to be asked of him?

A letter available in the NFNPA files confirms Graham Jenkins is Nokes ‘planning agent’: 14-11-13 Jenkins to NFNPA re ADDITIONAL_INFORMATION_-LETTER_FROM_AGENT-420891

Garage at Moorlands

It also makes reference to the ‘Coach House’ but clearly states that the ‘Coach House’ was not part of that Planning Application, so is there some doubt that the ‘Coach House’ even had a planning application attached to it and had permission to be converted?

Are the recently installed 7ft gates with entry pads at Nokes Moorland’s home in place to ensure the public can not see the extent of the ‘Coach House’ conversion and that it’s occupied full-time by Cllr Perry and his wife as their main and permanent residence?

That aside the main question here for Graham Jenkins is who told him to use Elisabeth Bellingham’s name on the Application and why did he agree to it knowing that it was a false declaration and he would be misleading the planning department and public.

Did Mrs Bellingham even give permission for her name to be used?

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

It would go a long way to salvaging Mr Jenkins reputation if he was to make a public statement to the RICS, explaining who instructed him to use Elisabeth Bellingham’s name and why. In addition he should also explain why he decided to carry out what is turning out to be a serious deception.

Graham Jenkins is a member of RICS and several letters of complaint have been sent to the RICS asking them to investigate his conduct fully and for the RICS to explain how one of their members saw fit to put a false certificate of ownership in a highly sensitive planning application.

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  1. Fools Rush In says:

    What a fool everyone knows in Romsey you don’t get involved with Nokes unless you are prepared to carry the can for what she does. So she stuck the knife in to him, blamed him entirely and his reputation is in the toilet now. Just hope he has the courage to speak out and tell the truth about who told him to put a false name in the application, unless he has been paid to keep quiet.

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