Police to Investigate Nokes Bogus Planning Application – But It’s Hampshire Police so expect the usual cover-up from her private protection force!

The Sunday Times article of the 29th October 2017 claims that The Chief Constable of Hampshire Police has asked detectives to review the case against Caroline Nokes MP in relation to her bogus planning application.

Could the law finally be catching up with Nokes after 7 years of riding rough-shot over her constituents and breaking the law?

While on one hand this is great news, on the other, the Police force in question is Hampshire Police who have routinely ignore complaints about Nokes threatening and intimidating behaviour before and have covered up her criminal activities for the past 7 years.

In February 2014 Nokes was the driver of a car that took a man to constituents house where an attack was carried out and Hampshire Police covered up her involvement for 6 months before a PSD Report was forced to admit she was present.

More was to come when in 2017 transcripts from a conversation with Hampshire Police were compiled for a trial. In those recorded conversations Hampshire Police state that Nokes was actually arrested at the scene in 2014 – another ‘fact’ that was covered up by Hampshire Police and not reported in the press.

Will the local press finally start putting this story about Nokes on the front page where it belongs?

It is saddening, but not surprising, to read that Nokes continues to threaten and bully people to silence her critics and get what she wants, but this goes right to the heart of who she is as an MP and it’s about time the Prime Minster, Tory Party and the people of Romsey stood up to her and said enough is enough.

Caroline Nokes MP to Face Police Enquiry


Police are examining allegations surrounding the Cabinet Office minister Caroline Nokes after The Sunday Times revealed that planning laws were broken in obtaining permission for a new set of stables and a double garage at her constituency home.

The office of Olivia Pinkney, the chief constable of Hampshire police, has asked detectives to review the case after it emerged that a planning application to develop Nokes’s £1m family house on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire was submitted in the married name of her sister, who was identified as the property’s owner.

Planning laws state that any such application has to declare the identity of the property’s true owner. Anyone who submits a false certificate of ownership can be found guilty of an offence and fined up to £5,000.

John Mann, a Labour MP, said that the Conservative whip should be suspended until the police inquiries were complete.

This weekend there were also new questions about Nokes’s redevelopment of a garage to provide a home for her parents, Veronica and Roy Perry, both in their mid-seventies. Her father is the Tory leader of Hampshire county council.

Nokes did not seek planning permission before renovating the garage, which now includes a kitchen, living room, bedroom and gas and electricity facilities.

However, according to the local council’s planning policy, “domestic outbuildings” are not permitted if they provide “additional habitable accommodation” that includes “ living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens”.

After revelations in The Sunday Times last weekend, Nokes told her local newspaper that a “genuine error” was made on a form that was “signed by the planning agent”.

However, the MP for Romsey and Southampton North threatened a student journalist for raising the same matter with her during the general election campaign earlier this year.

A trainee reporter at Southampton University asked Nokes about her planning application in an interview on June 5.

The Sunday Times understands that the minister “ended the interview abruptly” and accused the student and his union of “leading themselves into legal jeopardy — both criminal and civil”.

In a letter to Nokes after the interview the student union complained about her “aggressive stance” and her “intimidating and bullying behaviour” towards a “well-intentioned student”.

A spokesman for Nokes said: “This is a simple admin error, which resulted in no profit or gain whatsoever.

“Caroline Nokes rightly cautioned the student journalists against casting strong legal accusations. The planning authority has confirmed they consider the matter closed.”

The New Forest national park authority said the garage development did not require planning permission.


Here is what Twitter has to say about Nokes latest scandal.

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3 Responses to Police to Investigate Nokes Bogus Planning Application – But It’s Hampshire Police so expect the usual cover-up from her private protection force!

  1. Steve says:

    You reap what you sow Caroline and your time is running out – bullying – threatening – harassing – lying – cheating – adultery – fraud – affairs – cover ups – not to mention you are the most expensive MP in Hampshire and what do we have to show for it? Scandal after Scandal – you have no place in Parliament and no place representing the people of Romsey. Crawl back into the hole you came from and let Romsey try and recover from the shame you have bought on the town.

  2. Down with the people says:

    Wow@ Massive house, land, stables, ponies, coach house, security gates, mummy and daddy on tap, child who went to boarding school to avoid unnecessary parenting duties interfering with your life, blacked out ministerial car and married bit on the side – you really are ‘one of the people’ Nokes – Tory Toff through and through. Romsey is so proud. Threatening and bullying students of all people is just plain nasty. If you had any ounce of decency left you would resign, but you would have had to have decency in the first place to stand a chance of having an ounce left.

  3. Nokes & Perry Must Resign says:

    I agree I have no confidence in Hampshire Police its like Hants Police investigating one of their own they have been on the Nokes payroll for so long now. Andy Marsh was a puppet of the Nokes / Perry Mafia this token “woman” Chief Constable is I fear no different. Of course if she wants to prove me wrong please do and bang up Nokes and throw away the key, but with a Tory P&CC as well we all know where this is going. Our only hope is that the gutless and spineless local Tory Executive Committee kick her out closely followed by her meddling father. Nice to see some quality picks of the house all the lemming constituents are paying for, were those gates also on expenses too to stop the forest animals wandering into her land and flattening the grass and foliage?

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