“Toxic Tory” Caroline Nokes MP attempts to dump another ‘dead cat’ on the table!

She is fast becoming a dab hand at attempting to distract the public – but then controversy and suggestions of criminal activities have followed Caroline Nokes MP around since the day she was elected.

Caroline Nokes MP – Affair

Less than a month after being elected in 2010, Caroline Nokes MP was involved in controversy when she was exposed for having a 4 year extra marital affair – leaving voters in Romsey reeling and questioning her integrity.

Daily Mail – 14th June 2010 – ‘Cameron Cutie Affair’.

Mirror – 14th June 2010 – Cheating Cam Cutie Caroline Nokes

Daily Mail – 19th June 2010 – The REAL story of the married Cameron Cutie, her lover’s heartbroken wife and his fling with a bisexual Tory activist

Later Nokes was to court further controversy with an ill-advised trip to the ‘cannibal’ dictatorship of Equatorial Guinea where she and fellow MP’s were described “vacuous, ignorant, ill-bred oiks”, she renegaded on election promises and she was involved in an attack on a constituents home where it was later revealed by Hampshire Police in a PSD Report that Nokes was the driver of the car and later in transcripts they confirmed Nokes had also been arrested at the scene.

Following that incident Nokes “reputation management team” went into over-drive, removing content from the internet, silencing her critics and sanitising her Wikipedia page. By all accounts she was suddenly the re-incarnation of Mother Theresa.

Don Jerrard

But the mask was always going to slip. As Nokes resorts once again to her usual “modus operandi” of slinging a “dead cat” on the table with allegations about Justice Campaigner Don Jerrard to distract people from her own in-discretions, it is unlikely that voters and her own Party will continue to accept her innocence, especially in light of the allegations of bullying a student journalist.

Nokes has become nothing short of “toxic” and it’s time she stepped down for the sake of the Party.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has announced today that she will sack Ministers if they are proven to be sex pests, well maybe the Prime Minister should start by sacking Ministers who have broken the law and bring her Party and Government into disrepute.



A HAMPSHIRE MP is to face police enquiries over claims that misled council planners.

Romsey and Southampton North MP Caroline Nokes has been accused of breaching legislation when she applied for permission for a new stables and a double garage at her £1million family home on the edge of Cadnam Common.

However, critics, including Justice and Anti Corruption Party leader Don Jerrard, claim the application was submitted in the name of her sister – Elisabeth Bellingham – who was identified on the planning form as the owner of the property, despite Land Registry documents showing that Nokes is the sole owner.

In a statement, Hampshire Police said yesterday: “We can confirm we were contacted by a member of the public in relation to a planning application in the New Forest area.

“We are currently assessing the matter to identify if there are any criminal offences to be investigated.”

Mrs Nokes, in a statement last night, said: “The New Forest National Park Authority has stated they consider the matter closed and the police have, to date, made no contact with me.
“I reported Mr Jerrard to the police as I was concerned he had breached Section 106 of the 1983 Representation of the People Act by making potentially defamatory statements during an election campaign.”

The New Forest National Park Authority, who approved the planning application, said they considered the matter closed.


Admin Note: The Daily Echo published this story at approximately 5.00am on Monday 30th October 2017. We acknowledge their move to publish the story quickly in light of the allegations last week about potential deliberate delays relating to last weeks article and the failure to publish the story on-line for a further 2 days after the paper publication.

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  2. Stablegate Watcher says:

    Amazing how fast her Wikipedia profile was monitored to remove the latest addition. Her reputation management consultants must be working overtime and perhaps her expenses need close watching from now on! Surprised the “news” about her being the “most expensive local MP above average” has been allowed to stay in too! Regular readers should also make sure to read comments both here and in the papers. Interesting to contrast them too.

    Some other “dead cats” include Adrian Yalland and Henry Hendron – both relegated to the history books now!

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