Kate Winslet’s PR Machine Continues to Promote Fathers 4 Justice

The press surrounding Fathers 4 Justice’s advert about Kate Winslet’s attack on Shared Parenting continues to flow. It is nearly 3 weeks now since the first newspaper article on the subject and it is still getting inter-national press.

This is probably being helped by Ms Winslet’s own “charm” offensive as she prostitutes herself in every magazine and newspaper going promoting herself and her up and coming film; Psychologies Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Telegraph Magazine, what next a “Hello” feature with Mr and Mrs Rocknroll relaxing at home with “Baby Bear” talking about those nasty men at Fathers 4 Justice?

Given that the press seems more concerned about a shallow sensitivities of a celebrity than the national emergency we have here in the UK, that of mass fatherlessness and family breakdown, nothing would surprise me.

Ms Winslets argues her human rights have been violated by the advert and that she has a right to a private life. I agree she does. But many years ago Ms Winslet gave up that right to a private life when she started using her private life to promote her professional life. Kicking off with “bangers and mash” at a pub when she married husband No.1, for 13 years now Ms Winslet has used her marriages and children throughout these self promotional interviews. But then “celebs” are fickle people who seem to think they can pick and choose the law to suit themselves.

Ms Winslet believes that by threatening to sue and shut down Fathers 4 Justice, the world’s leading campaign group for Shared Parenting, that she will convince people she was not attacking shared parenting in her comments.

Equally Ms Winslet’s claims that she has been “defamed” by Fathers 4 Justice are also laughable. How can Fathers 4 Justice defame Ms Winslet, when all they did was “copy and paste” her own quotes into an advert, something repeated newspapers had also done with relish ever since she made the thoughtless remarks in Vogue Magazine back in October 2013.

In every “interview” since, and believe me there are a lot, Ms Winslet, between the flow of “trailer-trash” expletives, talks freely about her children and family life. Even protesting in one that she is a “f**king grown-up”…before dismissing concerns [about baby weight], she said: ‘Having just had a baby, I’m not going to be thinking about my a**e…The British star also admitted having second thoughts while acting: ‘Acting is bloody scary…I still have moments when I think ‘I can’t do this – everybody thinks I’m absolutely s**t.’

Maybe its about time her PR people explained to her that what she says will be heard and read and repeated, and in future if she does not want people to comment or react to what she says, then she should keep her mouth shut! After of course she has had it thoroughly washed out!

In last weeks Observer, Barabara Ellen wrote a typically anti-father article about the Fathers 4 Justice campaign Click Here

This Sunday, 5th October 2013, the Observer published my letter in response to Barbara Ellen’s Comment Piece. Heavily edited, of course, Click Here

The full text of my letter is as follows:

Dear Sirs

Last week’s Comment Piece by Barbara Ellen ‘What a crummy strategy from Fathers4Justice’, said more about her prejudices than it accurately reflected the content of our Kate Winslet advert, ‘Kate, every child deserves their father this Christmas’.

For the record, Fathers4Justice never condemned actress Kate Winslet for her parenting arrangements. We produced a proportionate, balanced advert that addressed Winslet’s unprecedented attack on 50/50 shared parenting in Vogue Magazine. It would be odd if we had not responded about an issue we campaign for.

Indeed, Emma Brockes at the Guardian predicted we would. In an earlier comment piece she wrote, “It’s the kind of quote that will land you a guy in a Spiderman suit with a Fathers 4 Justice placard on your doorstep.” Click Here

To date Winslet has refused to retract her comments which were hurtful and distressing to many fathers at a time of year when they would not see their children. Fathers4Justice didn’t run the advert because we are anti-mother, we ran it because we are anti-inequality.

Sadly Ellen was more concerned with the sensitivities of a Hollywood star than addressing the serious social justice issue of mass fatherlessness.

She also conveniently airbrushed out the on the record support for Fathers4Justice by Winslet’s ex-husband Jim Threapleton and omits to mention that the ad campaign was run by a mother of two children, not misogynists.

But then why let the truth get in the way of some old-fashioned gender stereotyping? Just compare her vilification of Fathers4Justice with the deification of Femen and Pussy Riot in the media.

Nadine O’Connor, Mother of 2 and Campaign Director, Fathers4Justice

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