About Nadine

Nadine O’Connor is the co-founder of Innovation Design & Marketing Label “Agitator”, rock ‘n’ roll ice cream brand The Licktators and was the Campaign Director of Fathers4Justice in the UK between 2006 and 2014.

Over the last 20 years Nadine has built a wealth of experience creating campaigns for major UK Brands as well as staging high profile PR events that have garnered international attention.

As the former Campaign Director and Spokesperson for Fathers4Justice in the UK, Nadine became one of UK’s leading advocates in court for unrepresented Litigants in Person and an outspoken campaigner for Shared Parenting and Family Law Reform. She was a regular speaker at schools and universities, where Fathers4Justice is taught on the National Curriculum, and on TV and Radio.

Nadine negotiated on behalf of F4J with the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats before and after the 2010 General Election regarding family law reform, meeting David Cameron and Nick Clegg in the course of her discussions. Sadly once in power both Parties renegaded on their promises to “bring fathers back into the family”, support shared parenting and execute a full scale family justice review.

Nigel Farage Speaking In Eastleigh May 2014

Undeterred by the Conservative Party’s broken election promise on fathers rights, and a long history of politicians saying one thing to get elected and doing another once in power, it was a chance meeting with Nigel Farage in 2011 that lead Nadine to support UKIP drafting and including a Shared Parenting Policy in their Manifesto.

Former Respect MP George Galloway also showed his support for Shared Parenting, when he hosted an event in Parliament in June 2013, during which Fathers4Justice was invited in to Parliament for the first time ever to address an audience of over 70 fathers and MP’s. George Galloway then proposed an EDM, EDM 210, which resulted in over 100 MP’s supporting the call for shared parenting.

In January 2014 though, following 2 years of relentless harassment and false allegations from Caroline Nokes MP and threats and on-line abuse from the MP’s associates towards Nadine and her children, Nadine decided it was time to stop being a front-line spokesperson for the group in the UK to concentrate on taking the Fathers4Justice message abroad, campaigning for Shared Parenting in other European countries and the US as their International Campaign Co-Ordinator. Nadine also endured harassment of her family by Hampshire Police, a verbal assault by the former Police and Crime Commissioner Simon Hayes and a physical assault from one of his colleagues.

Weyhill Road Pedestrian Crossing, Andover Hampshire

Nadine started her career in the planning department of Test Valley Borough Council and it was there that she developed an interest in local planning and transport issues. Nadine campaigned to save local bus services, increase safe pedestrian crossings for school children and to prevent out of town developments by major superstores and large housing estates. Sadly, despite having been born and raised in Test Valley, Nadine was forced out of her home by harassment and intimidation, including the smashing up of her car and anonymous hate mail from local residents and Nokes’s supporters in Stockbridge. Hampshire Police, despite having been given the names of those responsible, refused to take action, in order to protect the MP.